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Squizzboards billboard advertising is a great option to reach out and sell your business to potential customers. Squizzboards billboards are all 6m x 3m in size. Why Are Billboards Effective? Outdoor Billboard advertising is one of the most effective

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Pricing starts from as little as $50 per week! Renting a billboard doesn’t always have to be expensive. SquizzboardS is happy to offer a very competitive rate to it’s customers to make it affordable for those small business’s who still want

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Squizzboards have 2 highway frontage, the Capricorn Highway – located 220kms from Emerald and 45 minutes from Rockhampton and the Leichhardt Highway – 1km on the left hand side of the road after turning from the Capricorn Highway

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Prices starting from $50 per week plus GST*

Price is based on a 2 year contract

Call now 0417 731 181

Why Should You Aim for Billboard Advertising?

Are you running a small business? Do you want a proper strategy to promote your business? It’s not always easy to create an effective outdoor advertising with a limited budget. If you are going through this phase, then you should consider SquizzboardS.

SquizzboardS offers billboard advertising services at competitive rates and short rental cycles and understanding the specific requirements of local customers - as owners we have lived in Central Queensland all our lives. There are many other advantages to billboard advertising. It creates a special recognition for you and your product in a very LARGE way which is hard to ignore, your country customers may not know about your product, and the placement of our SquizzboardS Billboards are uniquely placed through the Capricorn and Leichardt Highway to capture their attention.

Artisan Gluten Free Bakery started using SquizzboardS for billboard advertising in Sept 2016. The week our how to rent billboards rockhamptonadvertising skins went up on The Leichardt and Capricorn Hwys, we saw an increase in customers that were not aware we existed. We were astounded that they had such an immediate impact. The awesome location on the major hwys from North Qld through to the southern states as well as it being a major truckies inland route to Sydney is definately reaping rewards for our new business. This is definately increasing customer count as our customers love to tell us how great our signs are! They divert their travels into Rockhampton just to visit us now. 10 Stars SquizzboardS. Keely Roberts -Director Artisan Gluten Free Bakery

Why should you consider us?

We strive to offer the best service as our staff are properly trained and live in the local Rockhampton area. They understand both the positive and negative sides of small to the medium sized businesses, as we own them ourselves. We offer a proper advertising strategy depending on the specific requirements of the customer. Once you come to us, we will discuss the demands of your business such as targeted buyers, your goal, and the timeframe. After analysing the required aspects of your business, we will then plan the billboard advertising to deliver what will suit your business best.

Develop a direct contact with the customers

As the billboards will be placed along the the Capricorn and Leichardt Highway, people will be able to see your bold advertisement. We will make it interesting and inspiring to grab their attention. Since it will be directly visible, they will not be able to avoid it like any other advertisement mediums like paper and television. If they see your billboards on a regular basis, a general curiosity will be developed about your company or products. After a period of time, it will stick into their mind and become a memory which they draw upon as needed. People go through the same road most probably every day. If they read the same messages regularly, it will be obviously stored in their mind. That you cannot achieve with the other marketing options.

More visibility

Billboard advertisements are more visible and influential than TV and radio advertisement. In the case of the television, radio, even the paper, you can change the channels or pages to avoid the advertisements. For online advertisement, you can also block the ads. But it is not possible in the case of billboard advertising. People cannot avoid it. With the billboards, you will have more captive audiences.

Increased traffic

There is no doubt that billboard advertisements will increase your traffic on a monthly basis. It is our responsibility to create inspiring and innovative ads for your products, and our collaboration with local Rockhampton area design teams will create interest amongst the drivers about your company.

Cost effective

The process will be cost effective. Billboard advertising with SquizzboardS will be the best option for the small and medium sized business as they are unable to spend a huge amount on the marketing. With SquizzboardS, you will have to spend a minimal monthly amount over a shorter time frame – its up to you! It will cost you much less than radio and television advertising, but the outcome will be much more than all these expensive ads put together.

Free to customers

Billboard ads are free to the consumers. They do not need to buy the papers, journals, and subscribe the sites and channels to see the ads. It will be free and it can easily come to the notice of the people while driving on the highways.

People do not find it boring

As the billboard advertisements do not interrupt the customers in any manner, they do not find it boring and time-consuming. Even if they do not like the ads, then do not feel bad about it as these ads do not generate negativity for the sound, smell, and invasion that you can expect from other ads. Billboard advertisements come to the notice of the people for the vibrant colors, innovative messages, and the creative graphics.

To get all these benefits, you can contact SquizzboardS Billboard Advertising today. We have the expertise to reach the buyers by creating a special recognition for your products and your company. Please contact Simone on 0417731181 or email for your quote today.